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Manda Hansen, M.A., is an interior decorator and national award-winning multidisciplinary graphic designer. She combines her two-passions to create colorful, bold, maximalist spaces. 

Being an artist at-heart, homes are Manda's favorite medium. She looks at an empty room as a blank canvas, and she's on a mission to make spaces feel more like trendy hotels that you get to wake up in - every single day! 

You can also find Manda on social media as a home decor influencer  content creator. She shares her interior decorating process and home on TikTok and Instagram.

Manda resides in Washington State with her husband of 5-years, Tommy. They spend a lot of time together at home with their pets or family. She loves a great cup of coffee, shopping, and traveling anywhere warm. 

Manda has a Master of Arts in Visual Communications Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. She has worked in digital media and graphic design for over a decade in both the private and public-sectors. 


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